Collection of Best Indian Wedding Games

A game is very important to change the entire mood of your guests that is present at your wedding & other occasional functions. That’s why you need to add some Shaadi Games at your wedding if you want to make your loved one’s wedding day memorable & fascinating for all of people present at wedding. We are sharing our small portion of Indian wedding games blog. If you want to know more Shaadi games & the detailed blog on that types of games. So, you can visit our official website where you find detailed blog & many other types of blog which will help to make your wedding memorable. So, without wasting time let’s talk about best Shaadi games.

Shaadi Games

List of Wedding Games Which Make Your Wedding Day Outstanding

Freeze Game

It is simply musical game in which you are dancing with your partner on music beat. Whenever music stops you need to freeze on that place on the same pose. Those couple stand freeze last longer wins.

Paper Dance

It is also a musical game but have some tactical taste. Because in this game you need to dance on a paper. If you don’t use your mind & body movement properly the paper will break & you will be lost the game.

If you want all other shaadi games then visit our our official blog.

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